Rewash Revolution: Getting to zero waste at Strawberry Fields Festival in 2019

Reusable cups at Strawberry Fields. Photo: Duncographic

In 2019, Strawberry Fields Festival launched a new reusable crockery system, Rewash Revolution.

Born out of a desire to solve the problem of disposable culture, Rewash Revolution combined the determination and expertise of a group of event professionals to create, fund and manage a reusable crockery system. The aim was to remove all single use crockery from the festival, hire all necessary equipment at a low cost and develop a deposit system to make it cost neutral.

The first step was to create a sustainably sourced inventory which was adaptable to the needs of all vendors. It was decided that the best solution would be a 10 inch plate, 30oz bowl, 6oz cup and 12oz cup that were dishwasher safe and could handle hot and cold contents.