About BYOBottle Campaign

The Sustainable Concerts Working Group (SCWG) is a collaboration of music industry leaders and environmental advocates who believe in an environmentally responsible and sustainably driven music community. SCWG brings together experts in the field to disseminate tools and resources that can help each stakeholder – artist, venue, festival promoter, fan – do their part to drive long term positive social and environmental change.

The SCWG has spearheaded a collaborative BYOBottle Campaign to encourage artists, venues, festivals, and fans to reduce plastic pollution in the music industry by promoting reusable water bottles and water refill stations both backstage and front of house at music events.

The campaign is modeled after Green Music Australia’s BYOBottle Campaign, with SCWG building off that initiative to amplify the BYOBottle commitment to artists and venues globally. Artists are encouraged to travel with reusable water bottles and include language in their rider asking venues to provide water refill options backstage, while venues, festivals and promoters commit to providing water refill stations for artists and fans. Fans can also make the BYOBottle commitment and show their support of the music industry’s efforts to reduce single-use plastic waste.

Lead SCWG organizations launching this BYOBottle campaign include the Jack Johnson team, Green Music Australia, REVERB, EFFECT Partners, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Live Nation, AEG, C3 Presents, Partisan Arts, Fresh & Clean, Synergy Global Entertainment, with guidance and support from the Johnson Ohana Foundation, Julie’s Bicycle, We-Refill, Tangaroa Blue, UPSTREAM, Algalita, Lonely Whale, Surfrider Foundation, 5 Gyres, the UN Environment Clean Seas campaign, and many more.