After you have made the BYOBottle commitment, explore these BYOBottle resources and tips for engagement. You can click to view each resource or download the entire BYOBottle toolkit.

Beyond Water Bottles – Next Steps to Reduce Plastic Waste in the Music Industry

Ready to take your greening to the next level? Explore these resources for guidance on how to promote reusable pint cup programs, eliminate plastic straws, and reduce the overall plastic footprint of your tour or event.

Oceanic Global – COVID-19 Plastic-Free Reopening Guidelines: Live Events + Professional Sports – includes best practices for reusable cups and water refill stations at live events. 

Global Best Practice Guidelines: ‘Reusables’ Hygiene at Events – published by the Sustainable Events Alliance to help us build back better. 

 UPSTREAM’s Reuse vs Single-Use: Safety – answers to commonly asked questions around the safety of reusables during COVID-19.

115 Health Experts Addressing Safety of Reusables during COVID-19 – a statement describing that reusable systems can be used safely by employing basic hygiene.

Plastic Pollution During the Pandemic: Reusables are Still Safea Surfrider Foundation blog with tips and best practices.

The EnviroRider – Designed to help agents and production managers communicate with venues on sustainable action items.

The EnviroTour Guide – A guide for artists and managers who want to implement sustainable production for their shows.

Julie’s Bicycle Green Rider – Includes ideas for green clauses for inclusion in a standalone Green Rider or as part of your existing tech or hospitality riders.

Julie’s Bicycle Green Touring Guide – Focuses on the touring aspect of production, divided into before the tour, on the tour and after the tour.

The Oceanic Standard Music Industry Guide – provides sustainability requests for riders, an introduction to carbon offsetting, suggestions for environmental messaging, and ideas to engage venues in sustainable operations.

The Oceanic Standard Musician Blue Rider – lists sustainability requests to reduce single-use plastic that can be sent alongside an artist’s existing technical / hospitality riders to encourage promoters and venues to join the movement.

Santa Barbara Bowl – #MyPintAndMe reusable pint cup program (venue model)

Les Schwab Amphitheater – Take Note Initiative & Livable Libations reusable cup program. (venue model)

Bonnaroo – Refill Revolution (festival model)

r.Cup – rentable reusable cup program (venue & festival model)

Glastonbury – british steel pints with deposit program (festival model)

Ecocup – sale and rental of custom cups

The Last Plastic Straw – Swap Your Straw Resources

Lonely Whale Foundation – Toolkit for a Strawless Ocean

REVERB – REVERB is a non-profit organization that works with artists on tour, venues and festivals to reduce environmental impact and engage fans around important issues. REVERB’s #rocknrefill partnership with NALGENE USA has eliminated the use of over 2.7M single-use bottles and raised over $2M for non-profit efforts since 2013!

Drastic on Plastic – UK music industry initiative to reduce plastic waste

Jack Johnson 2018 Tour – Single-Use Plastics Impacts & Solutions

Pollstar – Sustainable Touring Resource Guide

Oceanic Global – Plastics & Greenwashing Guide

Surfrider Foundation – Ocean Friendly Foodware Guide

Surfrider Foundation – Bioplastics Toolkit

Upstream – Reuse Wins Report

Upstream – Reuse Services & Business Directory

Tour Plastic Free Guide – Tips from the Plastic Pollution Coalition for hosting plastic free events and strategies for water refill programs.

Plastic Free Festival Guide – A guide created by RAW Foundation for event organizers for reducing their plastic footprint.