Rewash Revolution: Getting to zero waste at Strawberry Fields Festival in 2019

Reusable cups at Strawberry Fields. Photo: Duncographic

In 2019, Strawberry Fields Festival launched a new reusable crockery system, Rewash Revolution.

Born out of a desire to solve the problem of disposable culture, Rewash Revolution combined the determination and expertise of a group of event professionals to create, fund and manage a reusable crockery system. The aim was to remove all single use crockery from the festival, hire all necessary equipment at a low cost and develop a deposit system to make it cost neutral.

The first step was to create a sustainably sourced inventory which was adaptable to the needs of all vendors. It was decided that the best solution would be a 10 inch plate, 30oz bowl, 6oz cup and 12oz cup that were dishwasher safe and could handle hot and cold contents. 

The Lost Lands Refill Revolution!

The Lost Lands festival is widely regarded as a leader in environmental sustainability, cultivating creativity and music in a family-oriented space. In 2018, the festival took a green leap forward; eliminating all fossil fuel-based single-use plastic products on the site, including food-ware, cups and water bottles. A combination of reusable and compostable solutions were introduced both back and front of house, with the assistance of Green Music Australia. Other key sustainability initiatives included installing high quality water stations throughout the site, and implementing recycling measures for staff and punters to ensure they left no trace.

Green Music Australia Case Study: Max Watts goes BYOBottle

“Popular Melbourne live music venue, Max Watts, is diverting thousands of plastic bottles from landfill each year through the introduction of a staged BYO bottle initiative.

In partnership with Green Music, pre-filled reusable water bottles have been placed backstage and at bars for all artists, staff and security. Punters have also been asked to bring their own bottle, and educational signage has been placed around the venue to promote the #BYObottle initiative…”

Green Music Australia Case Study: Beautiful Reusable Bottles as Band Merch

“Ash Grunwald wanted to make a merchandise product that not only didn’t harm the environment but actually helped it.

After years of seeing music festival sites littered with disposable water bottles, it was on a trip to Bali and seeing the direct impact of plastic bottles on the sea that the idea came…“

Green Music Australia Case Study: Plastic Water Bottle Free at Caloundra Music Festival

“Caloundra Music Festival goes disposable water bottle free!

In 2013, Caloundra Music Festival set out to be the first festival in Australia to eliminate disposable bottled water. With a positive attitude, excellent partnerships, and superb preparation, they’ve succeeded, stopped an estimated 60,000 bottles from being sold and thrown out, and built a fabulous example for others to follow!“