BYOBottle Winter 2023 Highlights

BYOBottle Partners: O’land fill & wash station, fans BYOBottle at Outside Lands, Plastic Pollution Coalition at Greek Theatre, reusables at Levitate Music & Arts Festival, r.Cup at Fiddler’s Green, reusable cups on Jack Johnson tour, Green Music Australia with Music Victoria Awards, Plastic Free July hosts Plastic Free Tea with BYOBottle partners

Greetings BYOBottle Partners!

We are thrilled to report that momentum to reduce plastic pollution in the music industry is growing! Artists are joining venues, festivals, and fans to rally around BYOBottle and rock reusables to reduce single-use plastic waste. BYOBottle Non-Profit Partners are sharing out valuable resources and plastic-free messaging, and our Business Partners continue to expand innovative solutions for the events industry. We hope you enjoy these BYOBottle updates and highlights!

➤ BYOBottle – Highlights:

  • BYOBottle founding artist Jack Johnson is promoting plastic free initiatives throughout his Meet the Moonlight Tour, and shared recent highlights in this North American Impact Report. While in Australia, Jack and fellow BYOBottle Artist Ziggy Alberts gathered with BYOBottle Non-Profit Partners Tangaroa Blue, Plastic Free July and Green Music Australia for a beach clean-up to raise awareness about solutions to plastic pollution. In association with Jack’s show in Sydney, Plastic Free July and Take 3 hosted a “Plastic Free Tea” bringing together music industry efforts with local non-profits, concluding with a backstage tour of Jack’s greening initiatives with Green Music Australia.
  • Green Music Australia continues to spread the BYOBottle message throughout Australia, connecting with music audiences and industry members at events ranging from stadium shows and festivals to beach cleanups and awards nights. They have hosted BYOBottle activations as part of the Lost Paradise festival, Music Victoria Awards, and multiple concert tours.
  • BYOBottle Business Partners continue to promote innovative reuse solutions. r.Cup expanded reusable cup operations to venues and festivals in Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco, eliminating over 2 million single-use cups. Effect Partners implemented a BYOBottle program for the Roger Waters 2022 Tour, providing stainless steel coffee cups and water bottles for the production crew. O’land fill & wash stations have provided over 700,000 refills at events and music festivals, helping to reduce plastic waste.
  • Live Nation made incredible headway in 2022 in reducing single-use plastics across U.S. venues and festivals. Highlights include: 7.7+ million single-use plastic water bottles avoided by providing water refill stations and alternatives to single-use plastic water bottles. 38,000+ signature drinks were sold in reusable stainless steel pint cups. 1.2M+ single-use cups were displaced through the TURN Reusable Cup program – stacked end to end these cups would reach the top of the empire state building over 340 times!

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Live Nation to Introduce Reusable Cups at Venues and Festivals, a Major Step Toward ‘Zero-Waste Concerts’

Anyone who’s been to a concert knows the sound: The crunch of hundreds of plastic cups underfoot, which are used once and thrown away, creating countless acres of garbage.

Live Nation Entertainment has made a move to reduce that waste at its venues and festival via a strategic investment in Turn Systems, which operates a leading reusable-cup system that also includes collection bins and mobile washing systems. According to the announcement, a single reusable Turn cup has the potential to displace up to 100 single-use cups and can break even on its environmental impact in as few as three uses. (For more on Turn Systems, see the company’s website.)

As the primary option for beverages at participating Live Nation events, fans can easily use the return-bin system instead of a traditional trash or recycling bin. Similar systems have been successfully deployed at major European festivals for many years.

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BYOBottle Winter 2022 Highlights

BYOBottle Partners (from top left clockwise): Steelys Drinkware, festivalgoer with pint cup, Jack Johnson reusable station, r.Cup (photo Trey Karson), Tinpan Orange, water refill at BottleRock, fans at Outside Lands water station, REVERB #RockNRefill

Greetings BYOBottle Partners!

Thank you for your continued commitment to rock reusables in support of BYOBottle and the music industry effort to turn the tide on plastic pollution! The BYOBottle campaign continues to serve as a resource to share news and best practices promoting reusables and waste reduction at concerts and festivals. Enjoy these recent BYOBottle partner highlights!

BYOBottle – Highlights:

• BYOBottle partners Outside Lands festival and Steelys Drinkware continue a collaborative effort to reduce single-use plastic waste. Outside Lands offers free water refill stations, promotes reusable water bottles and pint cups, and has one of the highest festival waste diversion rates in the country. BYOBottle festival BottleRock encourages festivalgoers to bring their own reusable water bottles, offers convenient water refill stations, and helped eliminate 182,000 single-use plastic water bottles in 2021!

• BYOBottle Non-Profit Partner Plastic Pollution Coalition has launched a “Flip the Script on Plastics” campaign to change the culture around single-use plastics portrayed in film, tv and media. We know that life imitates art, and by showing package-free, reusable and refillable systems in popular television shows and movies, we can influence culture and model alternatives to single-use disposables.

• BYOBottle business partner r.Cup is excited to announce its latest r.Cup Wash Hub facility in Denver, providing sustainable reusable cup and serveware services. AEG recently installed r.Cup’s reuse system at four venues in Denver – completely eliminating thousands of single-use and disposable cups each week. 

• BYOBottle artist Jack Johnson is promoting BYOBottle as part of his Summer 2022 Tour, working with promoters and venues in support of innovative plastic free campaigns. The REVERB #RockNRefill program helped BYOBottle artists Dave Matthews Band and Dead and Company to reduce plastic waste on tour. Check out the 2021 Impact Report showing how Dead and Company eliminated 19,000+ single-use plastic water bottles!

• Surfrider has developed a Bioplastics Toolkit to provide background on why bioplastics are problematic and provide guidance on how to avoid them, as well as BioPlastic Guidance for Ocean Friendly Restaurants to share tips. Upstream has published findings showing Reuse Wins over single-use. Explore the Reuse Wins Report to learn how reusable food serviceware beats disposable by every environmental measure.

BeachLife Festival promoted the BYOBottle campaign, encouraging fans to bring their own water bottles to refill at Rob Machado Foundation water stations to reduce plastic waste. They also gave a shout out to BYOBottle artists in their 2021 lineup Ben Harper, Larkin Poe, G. Love and Brett Dennen for rocking reusable water bottles. 

Oceanic Global now offers a Blue Standard Certification for plastic-free and sustainable business operations as well as plastic-free verification for consumer goods and packaging. Businesses can apply to be a blue-list vendor. You can also explore Oceanic Global’s updated Music Industry resources.

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We rock reusables in support of #BYOBottle to help the music industry turn the tide on plastic pollution.  

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💧Featured Campaign: Flip the Script on Plastics

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3 Solutions To Reduce Plastic Pollution… In The Music Industry

Plastic whether we know it or not, is everywhere.

It resides in the $4 takeaway latte’s we buy every morning, the cars that we drive to work throughout the week and the cigarettes that we smoke on weekends to say goodbye to all the stress. Unfortunately for Earth the material takes up to 400 years to degrade and with a 379 million tonne increase in plastic production since the 1950’s, the flood gates are bursting open.

Scientists at National Geographic have calculated that a distressing 91% of the 8.3 billion metric tons of existing plastic are NOT being recycled. Plastic not salvaged either ends up as landfill, or if not contained is prone to blow away into rivers and natural water sources where the material is swept out into the ocean. Problems arising from plastic bags, toothpaste canisters and plastic straws are well documented, however the ingestion of microplastics is also a real threat to the natural food chain. Microplastics are 5mm in total size or less and are produced by the break down of floating plastic in waterways being exposed to constant sunlight. The danger here is that smaller marine life consumes these micro substances, then is eaten by wildlife higher up in the food chain – harbouring an endless cycle of consumption. There are plenty of reported cases around the globe where fisherman and even chefs are finding seafood containing microplastics.

So the most important question here is… how do we combat the problem?

Rolling Stone: Jack Johnson, Wilco, Maroon 5 Join Environmental Campaign BYOBottle

Jack Johnson has launched BYOBottle (Bring Your Own Bottle), an environmental campaign aimed at reducing plastic pollution throughout the music industry by promoting reusable water bottles and water refill stations at events.

Other artists who have signed on to support the initiative include WilcoMaroon 5, Pink, Bob WeirBonnie RaittDave Matthews Band, Dead & Company, Empire of the SunJackson BrowneLukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, the LumineersSteve EarleSteven Van ZandtBen Harper, Keb’ Mo’ and Flume.”