BYOBottle Celebrates Plastic Free July!

BYOBottle Partners: Eden Sessions, Plastic Free July, Jack Johnson with Hollie Cook, 
Algalita Marine Research & Education, Cali Vibes Festival, Plastic Pollution Coalition

Greetings BYOBottle Partners!

BYOBottle partners celebrate Plastic Free July each year, shining the spotlight on success stories and music industry efforts to turn the tide on plastic pollution. From venues & festivals, to artists, fans and industry partners, we are taking collective action to promote innovation and reuse. You can take the Plastic Free July Challenge, find an event near you, or explore the Changemakers Toolkit. As a BYOBottle partner, we encourage you to spread the word about Plastic Free July and share how you are taking action to reduce plastic waste, whether at a show or in your daily life. Please enjoy these partner updates and BYBottle highlights!

➤ BYOBottle – Highlights:

  • BYOBottle artists, The Lumineers and their fans avoided 52,000+ single-use plastic water bottles on tour with help from greening partner REVERB. Water refill stations were provided at shows, reusable bottles & mugs were given to band and crew, and fans could donate for reusable bottles. Advance calls with promoters led to 92% of venues allowing fans to bring reusable bottles.
  • BYOBottle founding artist Jack Johnson recently took the BYOBottle message on tour in the UK and Europe, incorporating plastic waste reduction into his EnviroRider and encouraging venues and festivals to join the BYOBottle campaign. Jack’s band & crew created a World Refill Day reel backstage to promote BYOBottle and reusables on tour.

➤ BYOBottle Suggested Post: 

Sample Social Media Post:  Share a photo showing how you reduce plastic waste.

As a @BYOBottle Partner, we are rocking reusables in @PlasticFreeJuly to support the music industry effort to turn the tide on plastic pollution. #BYOBottle  #PlasticFreeJuly

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➤ BYOBottle Features: 

💧Featured Action: Support a Global Plastics Treaty

💧Featured Venue Sustainability: Eden Project/Eden Sessions

💧Featured Resource: Future Festival Tools

💧Featured Event: Plastic Free July

💧Featured Tour Impact Report: The Lumineers: Brightside World Tour

💧Featured Guide: Music Sustainability Association Resource Guide

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