BYOBottle Winter 2023 Highlights

BYOBottle Partners: O’land fill & wash station, fans BYOBottle at Outside Lands, Plastic Pollution Coalition at Greek Theatre, reusables at Levitate Music & Arts Festival, r.Cup at Fiddler’s Green, reusable cups on Jack Johnson tour, Green Music Australia with Music Victoria Awards, Plastic Free July hosts Plastic Free Tea with BYOBottle partners

Greetings BYOBottle Partners!

We are thrilled to report that momentum to reduce plastic pollution in the music industry is growing! Artists are joining venues, festivals, and fans to rally around BYOBottle and rock reusables to reduce single-use plastic waste. BYOBottle Non-Profit Partners are sharing out valuable resources and plastic-free messaging, and our Business Partners continue to expand innovative solutions for the events industry. We hope you enjoy these BYOBottle updates and highlights!

➤ BYOBottle – Highlights:

  • BYOBottle founding artist Jack Johnson is promoting plastic free initiatives throughout his Meet the Moonlight Tour, and shared recent highlights in this North American Impact Report. While in Australia, Jack and fellow BYOBottle Artist Ziggy Alberts gathered with BYOBottle Non-Profit Partners Tangaroa Blue, Plastic Free July and Green Music Australia for a beach clean-up to raise awareness about solutions to plastic pollution. In association with Jack’s show in Sydney, Plastic Free July and Take 3 hosted a “Plastic Free Tea” bringing together music industry efforts with local non-profits, concluding with a backstage tour of Jack’s greening initiatives with Green Music Australia.
  • Green Music Australia continues to spread the BYOBottle message throughout Australia, connecting with music audiences and industry members at events ranging from stadium shows and festivals to beach cleanups and awards nights. They have hosted BYOBottle activations as part of the Lost Paradise festival, Music Victoria Awards, and multiple concert tours.
  • BYOBottle Business Partners continue to promote innovative reuse solutions. r.Cup expanded reusable cup operations to venues and festivals in Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco, eliminating over 2 million single-use cups. Effect Partners implemented a BYOBottle program for the Roger Waters 2022 Tour, providing stainless steel coffee cups and water bottles for the production crew. O’land fill & wash stations have provided over 700,000 refills at events and music festivals, helping to reduce plastic waste.
  • Live Nation made incredible headway in 2022 in reducing single-use plastics across U.S. venues and festivals. Highlights include: 7.7+ million single-use plastic water bottles avoided by providing water refill stations and alternatives to single-use plastic water bottles. 38,000+ signature drinks were sold in reusable stainless steel pint cups. 1.2M+ single-use cups were displaced through the TURN Reusable Cup program – stacked end to end these cups would reach the top of the empire state building over 340 times!

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➤ BYOBottle Features: 

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