The BYOBottle Campaign engages artists, venues, festivals and fans to reduce plastic waste in the music industry by promoting reusable water bottles and water refill stations at music events. Make the commitment to BYOBottle and join the campaign. Together we can show that the music industry is committed to reducing plastic pollution!


BYOBottle Venue Commitment: We commit to help reduce plastic waste in the music industry and support musicians who BYOBottle by providing water refill stations backstage. We will allow fans to BYOBottle and provide water refill stations in front of house whenever possible.

Make a COMMITMENT to BYOBottle!

  • Educate your staff and join the campaign
  • Outfit your staff with reusable water bottles (view Reusable Vendor List)
  • Offer water refill stations or dispensers backstage for artists
  • Offer water refill stations FOH for fans (view Reusable Vendor List)

Ask artists to support your BYOBottle COMMITMENT:

  • Communicate the BYOBottle message to artists
  • Provide reusable cups or water bottles for use backstage

Share out your BYOBottle COMMITMENT with fans:

  • Create branded reusable water bottles for fans to purchase (view Reusable Vendor List)
  • Allow patrons to bring in their own empty reusable water bottles to be refilled on-site.
  • Share the #BYOBottle message on social media (view Communications Library)

Join the BYOBottle Campaign at, explore useful resources and download the BYOBottle Artist Toolkit. Contact us for assistance and we will promote and support your involvement as the campaign grows!