Support the BYOBottle campaign, a music industry effort to reduce plastic waste by promoting reusable water bottles and water refill stations at music events. Artists, venues, festivals and fans are joining non-profits and business partners to turn the tide on plastic pollution. Join the campaign and rock your reusable water bottle!


I will rock my reusable water bottle at concerts and festivals to help reduce plastic waste in the music industry. I will encourage my favorite artist, festival or venue to make the BYOBottle Commitment, and will share out the #BYOBottle message on social media.

Make a COMMITMENT to BYOBottle!

  • Rock your reusable water bottle at concerts & festivals.*

Ask Artists/Venues/Festivals to support your BYOBottle COMMITMENT:

  • Tag your favorite artist, festival or venue on social media & ask them to join the BYOBottle Campaign to reduce plastic waste. (View Suggested Language below)

Share Your #BYOBottle COMMITMENT on social media

*Many events allow concertgoers to bring their own EMPTY reusable water bottle to be refilled on-site, but some may not allow it for safety and security reasons. Before attending a music event, we suggest you carefully check venue/festival policies or FAQ pages to understand what is allowed.

Suggested BYOBottle Social Media Language

Please include the BYOBottle social media handles in your posts:

Facebook: @byobottlecampaign / Instagram: @BYOBottle / Twitter: @BYO_Bottle

  • I just joined #BYOBottle, a music industry campaign to rock reusable water bottles. Sign on at Let’s turn the tide on plastic pollution!
  • Hey (@favorite artist)! Do you rock your reusable water bottle on tour? Sign on to the #BYOBottle campaign to help the music industry turn the tide on plastic pollution!
  • I’m heading to (@festival/concert) and will be rocking my reusable water bottle to help turn the tide on plastic pollution! Join the #BYOBottle campaign at

Join the BYOBottle Campaign at, and explore useful resources. Contact us for assistance and we will promote and support your involvement as the campaign grows!