BYOBottle Rider Language:

To make it easy to fulfill your BYOBottle Commitment, below is language that can be cut and pasted as needed into existing advance documents. These requests focus on asking venues to provide water refill stations backstage and in shared crew areas, and encouraging venues to provide water refill stations in front of house for fans.

In an effort to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic waste on our tour, the band and crew will be carrying reusable water bottles to all shows. We ask that venue production assists with the following items to make these efforts possible.

In addition, our tour encourages the venue to take additional (yet painless) steps to further reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste generated at our show by providing local staff with access to water stations and reusables.


Provide adequate drinking water stations for use by band/crew in the specified backstage locations below:

Permanent tankless solutions, bulk filtered water systems, 5-Gallon water coolers or other multi-use systems are acceptable solutions. (Adjust locations as needed based on your tour crew and venue size.)

There are many providers of tankless solutions, bulk filtered water systems and other alternatives to single-use water containers. See ReusableVendor List for more information.

Additional Backstage BYOBottle Participation Requests – Encouraged

  • Provide additional water stations or five-gallon water coolers in loading dock stage area for local crew use (or have additional refills for loading dock station requirement available on-hand for additional use by local crew)
  • Provide local crew and volunteers with access to reusable water bottles or tumblers for use with loading dock and backstage water stations
  • Provide additional water stations or five-gallon water coolers at security gates, volunteer meeting locations, medical tents and police/security stations for first-responder staff use
  • Provide first-responder crew and volunteers with access to reusable water bottles or tumblers for use with security gate, first aid and police/security station water use
  • Message to venue-staff and volunteers to bring personal reusable bottles or tumblers from home for use with staff water stations

Front Of House BYOBottle Requests – Encouraged

In addition to the requirements and requests for backstage infrastructure to eliminate single-use water bottles, the tour requests the venue and concessionaires take the following additional steps to reduce single-use plastic waste generation and make fan waste reduction strategies possible.

  • Allow fans to enter the venue with EMPTY reusable water bottles that fit within existing security guidelines for the venue. Make this information easily available by including in venue URL FAQs and other information resources onsite and online.
  • Provide fans with easily accessible filtered drinking water stations to accommodate fan water bottle refills. (See Reusable Vendor List for more information.)
  • Allow fans to have reusable water bottles filled at bar and concession locations where possible and in the event FOH water stations are unavailable.
  • Provide a reusable water bottle option (for sale) for fans at FOH concessions and/or merchandise locations, so fans who did not bring a reusable can choose a multi-use alternative